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  1. Gearhead88

    Yes , I know who Jim is . It might be better to get him to do them . If I get more requests for...

    Yes , I know who Jim is . It might be better to get him to do them . If I get more requests for this I'll buy the tooling
  2. Gearhead88

    The stones used on two strokes have two rows of abrasive on each one , four in total , this is...

    The stones used on two strokes have two rows of abrasive on each one , four in total , this is so they don't hang up in the ports , I need to look and see if I have any , I have not done any two stroke cylinders at home so I'm short of the right tooling . I will need more than one set for...
  3. Gearhead88

    I will see what I can do , it might cost me $150 to tool up for this one job ......... re-bores...

    I will see what I can do , it might cost me $150 to tool up for this one job ......... re-bores generally $150 per hole , thats what most shops chare .... sometimes more .
  4. Gearhead88

    CT 043 issues ..... Repairs - Completed !!

    I don't have a drawing of the motor wiring , it's not difficult to figure out though.
  5. Gearhead88

    Princess auto hydraulic press

    My 20 ton Powerfist has been a capable press for the 20 + years I have owned it . BUT I'd like a 50 ton
  6. Gearhead88

    Welding fixture table, princess auto calgary

    Fischer Price activity center for adults
  7. Gearhead88

    An appetiser, 74 TX650 rebuid.

    You guys put the I in ALUMINUM just sayin ............ Cool & creative projects
  8. Gearhead88

    Tool Good quality bearing/gear pullers?

    Ok , I'll admit it .......... I'm a sucker for tools and gadgets , I doubt I'll ever stop looking at them , buying them .............. If a puller is required for a job I'm on , I'll either buy it or make it. I don't like to wreck stuff while trying to disassemble it . Sometimes though , a...
  9. Gearhead88

    Howdy from southern Alberta!

    Yes , I may as well blurt it out , I’m a long time bike nut / Harley rider , my preference is older stuff but it doesn’t hurt to have a turn key go anywhere , any time ride
  10. Gearhead88

    Howdy from southern Alberta!

    Greetings - from Calgary
  11. Gearhead88

    Full tool box $240 St Catherines

    This discussion turned ugly quickly
  12. Gearhead88

    Gearhead projects …….

    In the winter , it's easy to get sucked into the vortex known as youtube
  13. Gearhead88

    Gearhead projects …….

    Test ......... to see if I are smart enough to post videos from my youtube channel that I am playing around with when I get bored
  14. Gearhead88

    Bolt Bin

    Ok , later this week works for me
  15. Gearhead88

    Bolt Bin

    I could use something like that . Can pick it up at your convenience ?
  16. Gearhead88

    Bridgeport mill, Squamish BC

    Better than Chinesium
  17. Gearhead88

    Holiday shop projects?

    Yes , I've watched several of his video's , and have been subscribed for some time now. He does some very creative work
  18. Gearhead88

    Holiday shop projects?

    Building another V twin short block , balanced crank , hand fit bearings There's a transmission being dropped off that pops out of fifth gear that needs looking at . Some tidying & organizing , ............ maybe pick a couple of ideas from my tools to build list and go ahead with that . I...
  19. Gearhead88

    Tips/Techniques Using magnets for slivers.

    I have a variety of tools n' methods for sliver extraction , tweezers of various size , xacto knives , razor blades etc . I don't often scuff myself up at work or in the home shop anymore , slivers are rare , any kind of wound is unusual . However.............. I'm more likely to get a wood...
  20. Gearhead88

    Tips/Techniques Using magnets for slivers.

    32 years ago I accidentally injured my left eye with flying metal shards , the tip of a pin punch to be exact . It was a shit show , my safety glasses were scratched and dirty , I couldn’t see what I was doing , like an idiot , I removed them and got back to work . I was trying to remove a...
  21. Gearhead88

    Trying to get a tire off a Ford 150

    Been down this road many times . I have always had success using brute force . Cleaning up the bore in the wheel and the lip of the hub , applying some anti seize lessens the likelihood of future problems
  22. Gearhead88

    Is it just me?..... I can't be the only one, can I?

    Mine gets confused by this ....... it's -28 degrees , we are travelling somewhere in one of our vehicles , the windows frost up right away , her - "just turn the heater on " , she fails to understand why the heater doesn't blast nice warm air as soon as you start the car.
  23. Gearhead88

    Micrometer stand

    Wrinkle / textured paint can be finicky , the example shown here turned out well . I use it when restoring 40 + year old engines to make them look new . The oven gives best results . On some stuff , ifs fairly tedious work , masking , filing / sanding highlights to expose the alloy below ...
  24. Gearhead88

    EBay score !

    There isn't a day goes by that I don't scour Ebay for deals on all kinds of stuff , I have specific searches that are saved , the results arrive in my email inbox . I search for .......... Sunnen Sioux Mitutoyo Kent Moore Valve seat & guide tooling Jim's tools ( specialty harley tools ) K O...
  25. Gearhead88

    EBay score !

    This time of the year , I don't get in a rush to do much measuring until the building has been warmed up for a few hours . My Garage is not kept at constant controlled temp , when I'm not in there the thermostat is keeping the building at 40 F . When I'm in the garage , working , I like to...
  26. Gearhead88

    Micrometer stand

    Much better
  27. Gearhead88

    Tool There is a difference even in the cheap stuff.

    I just ordered two of these ............ https://www.amazon.ca/Accusize-0-0005-Indicator-Style-P900-S112/dp/B0189PVYAM/ref=sr_1_5?crid=1HUC2F41WJR8P&keywords=Accusize%2B2%22%2Btravel%2Bdial%2Bindicator&qid=1671213460&sprefix=accusize%2B2%2Btravel%2Bdial%2Bindicator%2B%2Caps%2C180&sr=8-5&th=1 I...
  28. Gearhead88

    Micrometer stand

    I rarely leave any of my shit stock either
  29. Gearhead88

    New Member, Regina, Sk

    You'll like it here