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  1. H

    Maximat V10 Lathe ?$ Surrey BC

    Could also give them a google review since they are a business and appear to be selling it with that facebook account.
  2. H

    Edmonton modeler

    I remember seeing a small yellow lathe that was home mades at the Estevan Model engineering show back before covid. I wonder if this is the same guy and same lathe.
  3. H

    40% off Noga holding systems at Travers

    Called in and go it organized.
  4. H

    40% off Noga holding systems at Travers

    Thanks. I left it for a bit and go through that. But now I have issues with address. Guess I have to call in to get this resolved.
  5. H

    40% off Noga holding systems at Travers

    Anyone else having issues trying to checkout? I can get to the payment method page, but it won't load the portion of the page to enter the credit card information. Using Chrome.
  6. H

    Glad to be here. I've got a really big toolbox.

    Welcome from SK. Have ordered a few items from KBC.
  7. H

    Took the winter tires off today

    I just pulled the winters off my truck tonight. Wife's Santa Fe tomorrow. Hope we are done with the snow for this spring as well.
  8. H

    New Member

    Welcome from SK.
  9. H

    Darren's active projects

    Hate to poop on your redesign, but the electrical panel no longer meets code. Needs 1m in front. Likely easier to move the panel at this point. Otherwise I like the redesign, Now I have to figure out where to get that couch emoji.
  10. H

    DavidR8's shop shenanigans

    I have been thinking of that setup for mine as well. I don't have a reverse switch wired in yet, so haven't bothered to make one yet.
  11. H

    Modern 11x26 Metal Lat[h]e, $3300, Calgary, AB

    I thought it looked like the one you bought.
  12. H

    Darren's active projects

    I have used the wood clamped with a hole saw trick to cut a larger hole for an old door that needed a new knob that required a larger hole. Worked great once you get the wood clamped properly. Just cut the scrap wood first with the hole saw and then align the larger hole with the smaller hole...
  13. H

    Sortmaster hardware rack

    I think you have out feed support for the saw covered. :p
  14. H

    CA-ALL 3" Round brass stock source?

    could you use some lead slugs in the outer ring that was covered to add the mass you need?
  15. H

    B&S Grinder

    no room for that.
  16. H

    Good source for link belts?

    Lee Valley sells it by the foot.
  17. H

    New member Calgary

    Another welcome from SK.
  18. H

    Making something......

    Very nice work and nice shop. Thanks for sharing.
  19. H

    Vevor knee mill X-axis power feeds <$200

    I have one of these on order. Didn't post about the price as I was not sure it was going to go through (took 3-4 days) but it finally shipped. Then I got crazy busy at work and didn't have time. Thanks for posting David_R8
  20. H

    New to this…

    Another Welcome from SK.
  21. H

    The hairy guy asked me

    Welcome from SK.
  22. H

    Shop Adding 240V circuit to detached garage that already has 120V circuit?

    That would require a new breaker and a replacement to the feed. Not an easy task, depending on how the wires are run. If the conductors are in conduit, you would have to confirm the conduit size is adequate for the new conductors you are wanting to run. If it is only receiving 120V power odd...
  23. H

    Good morning

    Welcome from Regina.
  24. H

    New Guy from Brandon,Man.

    Another Welcome from SK.
  25. H

    Air compressors

    Breakers are typically only rated for 80% of their labeled rating for continuous loads. So 15 amp would be good for 12 amps continuous load. Anything above that is questionable.
  26. H

    AXA tool holders

    There are several versions of the lathe tool holder on thingiverse. I would suggest to go there and do a search and see which version works best for you.
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    Greetings from the West Coast.

    Welcome from SK.
  28. H

    windsor, ontario

    Welcome from SK. Models look awesome.
  29. H

    Colchester 2ooo Engine Lathe $1,500 Southampton Ont.

    reminds me of a Johnny Cash song...
  30. H

    Where to buy milling machine in Saskatchewan

    Why did this not show up in my feed. Thanks for the link. Too small for me but now at least I can follow him.