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  1. Six O Two

    Back Yard Hot Molten Metal Guy

    Welcome from the Kootenays
  2. Six O Two

    Some people just like big expensive rocks

    I still find it a bit grim, but I'm glad to hear it was for a good cause.
  3. Six O Two

    Some people just like big expensive rocks

    "Hey, check it out - I took these rocks from this tragic event where 90 people lost their lives!" People are weird. But the slide site itself - yeah, definitely worth a visit. I drive through a few times a year, and almost feel like I should be holding my breath while driving through Frank. The...
  4. Six O Two

    Steady rest

    My understanding was that new machines were/are still being manufactured in Canada and available for purchase. For example, here at Penn tool co. Also, that Leblond out of the US was handling service parts. https://leblondusa.com/standard-modern-lathes-s-m/ Your comments about eye-watering...
  5. Six O Two

    Kitchen utensil prototype - help wanted

    That rim detail is going to be damn near impossible to prototype or manufacture cost-effectively unless you make it out of two pieces.
  6. Six O Two

    Rockford 17 x 30 Metal Lathe $1,750 · NY usa

    Yeah, that price is bonkers unless it's in a basement and the buyer needs to move it out, lol.
  7. Six O Two

    Rockford 17 x 30 Metal Lathe $1,750 · NY usa

    So you taking a trip to NYC then?
  8. Six O Two

    IF you haven't already done so, get your dogs on their seasonal tick prevention

    FYI, tick keys are also sold at Lee Valley if you prefer them over Amazon. https://www.leevalley.com/en-ca/search#q=tick%20key&t=product-search-tab&sort=relevancy&layout=card&numberOfResults=25
  9. Six O Two

    IF you haven't already done so, get your dogs on their seasonal tick prevention

    We just got the same reminder today, but um... for our kid... Not sure these chewables' liver flavour is going to go over well with the kiddo. (kidding...)
  10. Six O Two

    DavidR8's shop shenanigans

    Gotta admit, the cynic in me is just imagining the vendor sending the same picture of that mill to all their customers past, present and future. But even in that case, it's pretty exciting just getting a new mill :) Given that it is indeed your mill, wow - I'm impressed with their level of...
  11. Six O Two

    Xyphota's bicycle related projects

    I hear cerrobend talked about every now and then, but in addition to being pretty pricy, as Xyphota intuited it always seems more complicated than it's worth (For reference here and here). Definitely seems like bending over dies in various contraptions is the way most framebuilders go about it.
  12. Six O Two

    Xyphota's bicycle related projects

    The welds as pictured look awesome - I'd certainly be happy with that result. Bike tube bending seems like such a black art to me. It's very hard to find good information on how to accomplish it, and it seems to take a lot of trial and error! I'm only on bike #2, and I think I'll be using...
  13. Six O Two

    Bridgeport Milling Machine, $3000, Bowmanville, ON

    I like those sheet metal table covers. Might have to steal that idea as an upgrade to my cardboard ones...
  14. Six O Two

    Industrial felt supplier in Canada

    I'll likely have to replace some way wipers as well. What's best in this case? F-1? F-5? Something else?
  15. Six O Two

    Standard Modern Series 2000 13" Govdeals Hamilton

    Clearly, I haven't had enough coffee this morning.
  16. Six O Two

    Standard Modern Series 2000 13" Govdeals Hamilton

    I'm also concerned about the missing tail stock and compound...
  17. Six O Two

    Marking out on mild steel with mill scale- good markers?

    The red & silver streak pencils can also be bought at KMS tool. https://www.kmstools.com/la-co-markal-silver-streak-welder-39-s-pencil.html I alternate between a silver sharpie and and the silver pencil for saw cutting, like @Dan Dubeau above.
  18. Six O Two

    Good source for link belts?

    amazon... https://www.amazon.ca/s?k=link+belt&ref=nb_sb_noss the 5' length was somewhat frustrating to me. Just a bit short for two belts, not sure what I'll use my remnant for...
  19. Six O Two

    Ham Steak. $1.88 in 2019 $5.99 this past week

    Yeah, it's crazy. Butter used to be 3.99/lb. Now it's $6.49-6.99
  20. Six O Two

    Husky 12ish x 36" Lathe, $1500, Kootenays BC

    Looks like good value if you can get to it. Map makes it look like it's in Meadow Creek BC, which pretty far from anything. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/243080268085713/
  21. Six O Two

    Calgary Regal Auctions - 4 lathes available

    Different lathes, different manufacturer. "Standard Modern" and "Modern" are different companies. The former is made in Canada and sells for $25k new, the latter in Asia and substantially less...
  22. Six O Two

    METAL LATHE $785 La Ronge

    That won't last long...
  23. Six O Two

    Disposing/Recycling Power Tool Cases

    Hang on to it until your next road trip to neighbouring province? The recycling depots in BC will take most plastics. Kinda goes both ways, I pack my used cooking oil back to Alberta to recycle.
  24. Six O Two

    King 12x36 Metal lathe, Kaslo, BC, $4900

    Not too far from me. The seller's also got a 40" shear, break, and roller unit which looks tempting... https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1653354885
  25. Six O Two

    Standard Modern 1133 Alabama Auction

    eff me, that's a killer deal.
  26. Six O Two


    These guys make some pretty fancy-looking grinders in BC, with a price to match (although they do also have lesser priced kits). https://vashtigrinders.com/collections I've come pretty close to buying the HouseMade grinder kits but the Scotsman in me couldn't bring myself to spend the money...
  27. Six O Two

    Standard Modern 1133 Alabama Auction

    That's a nice little machine. Taper attachment, metric & imperial threadcutting. Too bad about the 80hr roundtrip for pickup...
  28. Six O Two

    What did you do for a career and would you pick it again?

    I worked summers at a few bikeshops through high school and university. Being a bike shop mechanic is the job I hold most fondly in my heart and often think of returning to, but of course it's crap pay and really hard to support a family or buy a house being a bike mechanic.
  29. Six O Two

    What did you do for a career and would you pick it again?

    What an amazing thread! It's great reading and learning from the life experience on this forum. I've known a few welders that went back to school to get an engineering degree, but I've never met someone who went the other way. As for myself, 10 years out of university I found myself in pretty...
  30. Six O Two

    Finishing parts

    Sound proof box, you say... My kid and I have been getting a bit into rocktumbling (we also have a vibratory tumbler, not pictured). The noise made spending time in the shop unpleasant, so I made an if not sound proof at least sound deadening box. Probably takes 10-15dB off and makes the...