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    Mondiale Celtic 12 3 phase lathe, $1500, Vancouver, BC

    I have a Celtic by Mondiale. 14" x 60" and it is a nice machine. Two speed 220 three phase motor with a VFD. I am very pleased with it.
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    Mint Derbyshire 10mm 18” Museum Quality Production Lathe Watchmaker, $5500, Richmond, BC

    Well, the details are mine, but the general layout is pretty basic. Since I have no need for speed, the holders are secured by tightening the set screws on the gib. Miniature "tangential" tool.
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    Mint Derbyshire 10mm 18” Museum Quality Production Lathe Watchmaker, $5500, Richmond, BC

    My Derbyshire with microscope, qctp and lots of accessories.
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    Tools you waited too long to acquire

    Just from my head after seeing the one Dan Gelbart made and considering what materials I had on hand. I could send you pics if you are interested.
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    Tools you waited too long to acquire

    I think, that if you picture each laser as projecting a flat plane of light that is vertical, the line where the two planes cross will be vertical and "infinitely" long.
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    Tools you waited too long to acquire

    I made one of these and it is very useful. Just used a cheap bore sighting laser. The thing I like is that I can center on a vertical cylinder or hole very accurately.
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    Industrial felt supplier in Canada

    I have an old felt hat with nice firm felt that seems to work fine.
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    Good source for link belts?

    I use them on my 14x60 lathe, belt sander and horizontal bandsaw. The bandsaw is in an unheated garage. The standard V belt would thump and bounce. The link belt is smooth regardless of temperature. I have run them both ways without problem. I did not know they were directional at first.
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    Treadmill motor

    Put mine on my 6x48 belt grinder with the side disk . Removed the big disk and built a small disk with inseted magnets to hold 6" diamond disks. The tiltable table allows me to set a 7 degree angle, slow it down to a walk and sharpen carbide inserts. Full top speed still available for sanding...
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    Bridgeport right angle head capabilities

    I have a BP right angle head for my First mill that I have never used. It takes R8 collets. I do not have an outboard support for a horizontal shaft and cutter. Are you using a horizontal shaft?
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    My reiden Lathe Fast Tool Rest, Add Some Boxes (2021.06)

    I have the smaller version of this as as (Rapid Original Type A). This has a center distance on the V's of 82mm. Looking for tool holders as one always does.
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    The new design is a quick change box(2023.01)

    I am guessing that is was done by wire EDM, making both slot and insert at the same time.
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    Not really a deal: Sharp 1440 Lathe, West Kootenays

    Is this an Asian product? Sure looks like it with the short carriage length and square corners.
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    Boxford lathe, 10x22, $1,000 - London

    Is there a difference between a Boxford and a Box-ford?
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    Accu tapper in Victoria BC Asking $300

    I have the same tapper. Lightly used for many years. Has worked very well. Can't remember what I paid for it. eBay purchase. Also have smaller tapper for smaller jobs (of course).
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    Precision Level

    Thanks for saying "better than I" rather than "better than me". I am a bit of a grammar Nazi.
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    Precision Level

    Marvin an Judy are in Sherwood Park where I live. Doing ok physically, but Marvin is having pretty serious memory issues. Hope to talk him into going for an afternoon skiing at one of the local hills one of these days. I will keep my eyes open for some more trading fodder. Does your mill have...
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    Precision Level

    Looking....looking...A small English made clamp on vise? choice of two. One of steel with rotating base, the other aluminum (looks like it was intended to hold two pieces at 90 deg). Are you in Warner Alberta? For long enough to remember Marvin Conrad? Any brilliant grandchildren that need a 1/8...
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    Precision Level

    I will go wander around my shop and see what I can find for trading fodder.....how about two or three small PCD inserts for the occasional time you need to turn down a carbide shaft?
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    Precision Level

    I have no foreseeable use for one, but I want it anyway. Did you have anything particular you would like to see in trade?
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    Lathe bed protector..

    I like it....will get around to making one .....soon....
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    Impromptu gantry crane build

    I have been invited to show my " articulated jib crane". My basement was 10' high before the hung ceiling and lights were installed, so I have 8'3" under the lights. The column and "elbow" have PA flange bearings for 1 3/8" dia. bar. The primary arm is 5" square tubing with fitted and welded...
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    Recumbent trikes and bikes.

    Built a tadpole trike myself. Still ride it occasionally at 79. Chrome molly tubing, three speed internal gearing and 8 speed derailleur.
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    Tips/Techniques Linley jig borer/small mill $750

    Unfortunately, too far away for me. The collets are definitely not MT 1 from what I see in the picture.
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    Tips/Techniques Linley jig borer/small mill $750

    Where is this located? What is the collet size? Price?
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    Other Spoilt child.

    Very impressive restoration.
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    New to me tapping head

    I had something similar at one time. As I remember, it had cone shaped friction clutches top and bottom (inside). Pressing down engaged the clockwise rotation, and lifting up engaged a counter rotating action through the other clutch and a gear train to reverse the direction. Worked ok, and you...
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    Victoria BC Logan 200 (modified) Lathe $1000

    Looks like the quick change gearbox is missing.
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    Power drilling on lathe

    I have probably shown this before, but it is a great solution to a lot of drilling projects. The stroke is about 4". The quill is approximately 3 1/8" diameter and MT4. I bought the tailstock from a salvage yard for scrap price. It was from a large Japanese CNC lathe. It provides lots of "feel"...
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    Multicyl air-over-hydraulic press with C frame punch

    I used this tool for pressing PEM inserts into aluminum flanges. Max tonage is 7.5 tons, but fully adjustable by regulating air pressure. Has a C frame sheet metal punch frame and a punch for making conduit slugs with the little retaining tab. Of course you can buy all kinds of punches to fit...