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Search results

  1. John Conroy

    Wanted: 9 point knee handle for clone bridgeport

    That's a smokin deal
  2. John Conroy

    Nice looking used Standard Modern 1340 clone at Modern Tools Edmonton

    Made in India but a very nice looking machine. Sold new by Modern. Priced at $4500
  3. John Conroy

    1440 Lathe Chalk River govdeals auction

    Precision Matthews sells a version of the same machine in 1440 or 1640. https://www.precisionmatthews.com/shop/pm-tlseries-ultra-precision-lathes/
  4. John Conroy

    1440 Lathe Chalk River govdeals auction

    Looks like a Sunmaster. Made in Taiwan clone of a Colchester. I saw a new one at the Modern Tool open house in Edmonton today. Priced around $30k.
  5. John Conroy

    Compound needs a better degree dial

    I have a 3 foot length of 5" round 4140 with a 1" hole down the center. I could send you a slice if you want to make a collar to go around the base of your compound.
  6. John Conroy

    Motorcycle Lift

    This is my home built bike lift. Similar in design to the ones that use a floor jack but with a 4 ton bottle jack instead. It has wheel brackets that plug in from the side so it can be tipped up on edge for storage against a wall.
  7. John Conroy

    An introduction

    Welcome from St Albert, good to have another member from the Edmonton area.
  8. John Conroy

    Lathe sine bar

    Here's my version, made up of a chunk of 1/2" thick hot rolled plate, two 1.5" long 10mm dowel pins, and nine 8mm X 3mm magnets. The pins on mine are spaced on 5" centers and I have printed a "Table of Constants for a 5" Sine Bar" from the Hermann Schmidt Company (easily found with a google...
  9. John Conroy

    Dividing head restoration

    I would tig weld a piece of 1/8" thick by 1/2" wide steel to the key. Small welds with cool down periods between. The heat will aid in loosening the key but too much could distort the shaft
  10. John Conroy


    The ad says the vise is not included.
  11. John Conroy

    Starrett 3-Vial Level $225 Merritt BC

    Me too but I paid $80 I think. KBC price on a new one is $385 but no wood box I think.
  12. John Conroy

    Product Single phase motor direction

    I had to change the direction on the motor I used on my belt sander. I used info from this YouTube video and it worked for me.
  13. John Conroy

    TOS 20x45 Lathe, Lenmark $3900, Langley BC

    Looks like the crank handle and leadscrew are missing from the compound?
  14. John Conroy

    Cincinnati? Dividing Head

    Looks like the footstock is genuine Carroll, does it not match the dividing head?
  15. John Conroy

    Cincinnati? Dividing Head

    Made in Cincinnati and supposed to be very high quality. You got a gem!
  16. John Conroy

    Cincinnati? Dividing Head

    There's ifo on vintage machinery on Carroll dividing heads. http://www.vintagemachinery.org/mfgindex/detail.aspx?id=12471&tab=1
  17. John Conroy

    where to source rack and matching pinion

    You could check kijiji for a junk drill press and use the table lifting rack and pinion
  18. John Conroy

    Machine Machine moving

    I wouldn't want to be the guy under that machine pumping the jack handles.
  19. John Conroy

    Colchester Student 1800 govdeals auction

    Bidding closed at $4100, $4563 with tax and fees
  20. John Conroy

    Anyone recognize this footstock?

    It looks like à tailstock for an old wood lathe
  21. John Conroy

    AJAX AJT-4 Ram Head Milling Machine. $3500, Picture Butte, AB

    The piece that looks like this that is between the top of the base and the bottom of the ram
  22. John Conroy

    AJAX AJT-4 Ram Head Milling Machine. $3500, Picture Butte, AB

    Nice big machine with a riser block. Great buy if it's not worn out
  23. John Conroy

    Lathe VFD?

    I did this video right after I converted my lathe. It shows the speed changes possible in the range between 60hz and 10hz which are the max and min I have set up in the vfd. Ignore my speed estimate mistakes, 15hz give about 300rpm and 10hz about 200. I love this conversion, the ability to...
  24. John Conroy

    Modern Tool Edmonton branch open house

    I got this notice in an email. Obviously aimed at commercial machine shops but I will probably attend anyway to drool on some machines.
  25. John Conroy

    King 1440 and Craftex Threading

    I have about 6 feet of 4" round 4140 bar stock. If you want a couple of slices of it to make your gears you would only need to pay for the postage. Just let me know how thick each slice should be.
  26. John Conroy

    King 1440 and Craftex Threading

    I posted about turning the gear blanks in post # 120. I ground a 5mm HSS cutter for my 5/8" boring bar and mounted it in the tool post then plunged through the bore by moving the carriage along it's long axis. I advanced the cross slide in .0005" increments for each plunge through the gear...
  27. John Conroy

    Rough looking Colchester Triumph 2000 lathe listed on GC surplus

    The tool post grinder and the appearance of the machine make me think the operator didn't take measures to protect the machine from grinding debris or clean it properly after grinding. A death sentence for any lathe.
  28. John Conroy

    Triumph GT6 4 speed manual transmission case crack repair

    Good to know! I'll let the owner know. That car looks a lot better than what he started with.
  29. John Conroy

    Triumph GT6 4 speed manual transmission case crack repair

    A friend of mine is restoring a 1968 Triumph GT6 and noticed a crack in the transmission case that runs from the top of the rear mainshaft bore to the top gasket surface. The case is cast iron and I am not the right guy to be attempting the crack repair but told him I could machine the repaired...