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  1. trlvn

    Other Oil fitting question

    Mr. Winkley had a fair number of patents granted: https://www.datamp.org/patents/search/xrefPerson.php?id=46671 Craig
  2. trlvn

    Other Oil fitting question

    I haven't seen that style before. "Gits" oilers are pretty much the standard in North America. Perhaps your friend could use something like the following? https://gitsmfg.com/style-l-elbow-threaded/ They are available with metric threads, as well. McMaster Carr in the US carries them...if...
  3. trlvn

    Tips/Techniques threading issues on CX 706

    We know that the factory that makes the lathes for Busybee also makes machines for various other companies...many of which will be natively metric machines. I wonder if the 40 tooth threading dial is intended for metric lathes?? The imperial lathes have a 8 tpi leadscrew which is equivalent to...
  4. trlvn

    Geck metal shaper, $1000, Paris, ON

    I believe the manufacturer is "Gack", not Geck. Stephan Gotteswinter had one and did a video 7 years ago: And another user's video: Interesting how the motor is flange mounted. I didn't wade through either video long enough to determine how one changes speeds. Craig
  5. trlvn

    Product Made in USA Nicholson Files

    How about a 1 page cheat sheet? I downloaded this from KMS a couple of years ago. Craig (Got it, got it, want it...)
  6. trlvn

    Email notifications not working

    Me three!
  7. trlvn

    2023 May 6 Meetup - Toronto thread

    I clicked "Yes' in the poll--was I supposed to do more? Anyway, now I'm not sure if I can make it. My daughter is moving and apparently I'm still required as a pack animal! Craig
  8. trlvn

    First milling machine model #LC-1 1/2VS, $5500, West Montrose, ON

    We've had several threads about this seller in the last couple of years: https://canadianhobbymetalworkers.com/threads/bridgeport-milling-machine-220v-single-phase-3-850-west-montrose-on.5059/ Asked $3,850...
  9. trlvn

    DavidR8's shop shenanigans

    Did you check if it was just the capacitor on the old motor? If it is, and the old numbers are still visible, it is literally a $20 repair! Craig
  10. trlvn

    R8 tool holders

    An 18N? Craig
  11. trlvn

    Grind lathe bed in ontario

    @Rauce Can you give us a trip report? How did it turn out? Craig
  12. trlvn

    Tool Starrett Gear Calipers

    You can't throw out bait like that and not expect some of us to rise to it! ;) Link please! Craig
  13. trlvn

    ? for the woodworkers here

    For smaller parts, I think a table saw sled is a safe way to work: The track of the blade is blazingly obvious, you can use hold-downs for really small parts, etc, etc. Your son's saw is a lot smaller than the one pictured and only has one slot. Still, I think a smaller-scale sled would be...
  14. trlvn

    Gear for threading dial

    Busybee came through! I got a complete replacement threading dial assembly but including a 32 tooth gear rather than the prior 40 tooth. No charge. After a bit of brief testing, it appears to mesh MUCH better with the leadscrew, see following: The dial used to 'stutter' as the keyway on...
  15. trlvn

    Another New GTA Member

    Welcome from Oakville! Craig
  16. trlvn

    DavidR8's shop shenanigans

    @David_R8 Where are you getting the Weiss quotes? USD 185 for that accessory package is crazy cheap! Craig
  17. trlvn

    DavidR8's shop shenanigans

    The King KC1022-ML is also a 10X22 inch lathe but doesn't have power cross feed. That eliminated it for me. If you can afford just a slightly bigger footprint, you might want to look at the Modern CQ6128X66A which is an 11X26 inch lathe. The big negative to me was that spindle speeds are...
  18. trlvn

    CX706 owners

    I confirm that each of the leadscrews are inch-based imperial pitch. (The diameter of said screws may be metric which could be a future problem if replacements are needed.) I had to make some non-reversible modifications to the compound to mount a wedge-type quick change tool post. A...
  19. trlvn

    Gear for threading dial

    So...I've gone head first down the rabbit hole. Bail out now if you don't want to follow! I kinda knew how a thread dial was supposed to work but I ended up doing a spread sheet to understand better. The thread dial is just to help us know that the cutter will be lined up with the cuts we...
  20. trlvn

    Gear for threading dial

    At first, I wasn't really grokking this solution but I think I get it now: use a 8 tpi ACME tap!! The main issue that remains is size. The lead screw is 20mm so a 3/4" tap is too small. A 1" tap is a bit big. I would guess, though, that a 1" 8 tpi tap might work 'well enough'. But next...
  21. trlvn

    Gear for threading dial

    Some searching has led to two possible options. First, I ran across a guy making a replacement gear for a Southbend lathe: The key thing is that he 3D printed a gear that is fairly close and then let the lead screw on the lathe do the final shaping on the teeth. IOW, the printed gear had...
  22. trlvn

    Gear for threading dial

    It occurred to me that the apron already includes a worm gear that is driven by the screw: Part #31 is described as a 17T Worm gear. It transmits power to the longitudinal or cross-feeds as selected. I think it probably needs the hourglass shape to bridge the 5 mm keyway in the lead screw...
  23. trlvn

    Gear for threading dial

    20 mm
  24. trlvn

    Gear for threading dial

    Thanks, but I really want a worm gear; not a helical. Ideally I think I want an 'hourglass' worm gear. May also be called a "Hindley worm". Craig
  25. trlvn

    Shop Adding 240V circuit to detached garage that already has 120V circuit?

    Just a couple of quick comments. I don't own an electric vehicle...but they are a computer with a car wrapped around it. I believe most (all?) EVs can schedule when they start charging because many jurisdictions have time of day pricing for electricity and it only makes sense to charge in the...
  26. trlvn

    Shop Adding 240V circuit to detached garage that already has 120V circuit?

    One way you might get the landlord to play ball is that the number of electric vehicles is increasing all the time. Tenants are likely to demand support for charging in the future so maybe now is the time to invest in the necessary wiring. A basic 220V outlet for you is a very minor addition...
  27. trlvn

    Gear for threading dial

    I should mention that the existing gear in my threading dial is not a simple spur gear. It has a slight helix angle. It does follow the lead screw but it must be only the very tip of the gear tooth that is in contact. A couple of times when I manually moved the carriage back, the threading...
  28. trlvn

    Gear for threading dial

    I saw your posting but I was confused when you said your screw is 16 threads per inch? What model lathe do you have? Craig
  29. trlvn

    Gear for threading dial

    Could you supply a picture of the replacement? Thanks, Craig