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  1. DPittman

    Tool Cute Little Audio Frequency Oscilloscope

    This one from Aliexpress appears to be the same as the linked Amazon buy the cheapest I could find d it for was $67. You apparently got a SWEET deal @Susquatch C$ 60.86 43%OFF | FNIRSI DSO-TC3 Digital Oscilloscope 3 in 1 Function Signal Generator Transistor Tester Voltage Test 500KHz 10MS/s...
  2. DPittman

    Tool Cute Little Audio Frequency Oscilloscope

    Ditto here
  3. DPittman

    Foothills County Member

    Welcome from the south.
  4. DPittman

    $70million Lotto Max

    Yup last new vehicle I bought the salesman spent considerable time telling me how great of a product the new vehicle was and how well built it was and how the company built such reliable vehicles. After the decision to purchase was made, they then moved me to the "business office" where the...
  5. DPittman

    Pao Chuan 14x32 lathe Kamloops BC $2000

    I see that the G4002 has a top spindle speed of only 1400rpm. Is that enough for your aluminum work?
  6. DPittman

    I need an RV propane system technician

    If you do that be sure not to over pressure and create more problems. I'd just turn off propane, let air out and then turn back on again and look for leaks.
  7. DPittman

    Pao Chuan 14x32 lathe Kamloops BC $2000

    I wouldn't be worried about a bt driven lathe. Biggest issue in my mind is belt changes and I don't think it's all that bad. They are also a great candidate for a vfd conversion. However @whydontu probably has good reasons on wanting a gear driven lathe only....
  8. DPittman

    Other Sears Craftsman Garden Tractor

    If it were me, I'd cut my losses with that engine completely and walk away from it. Now if the risk of the investment is worth the challenge then by all means go for it, but it sounds like you have other more enjoyable projects to attend to.
  9. DPittman

    I need an RV propane system technician

    Oh yes that would be a problem in the cramped quarters of a RV! Although I'm no rv technician I'd offer to help if I were a few hours closer to you.:confused:
  10. DPittman

    I need an RV propane system technician

    Spray bottle of soapy water to locate leak is what I'd use if a technician isn't available. If there has been any recent work with lines/appliances that's the first place to check, then I'd go to hot water heater and fridge next.
  11. DPittman

    Other Sears Craftsman Garden Tractor

    Starting with ether/starting fluid?
  12. DPittman

    Compound needs a better degree dial

    And it looks better in the picture than real life.
  13. DPittman

    Compound needs a better degree dial

    That's a nicer degree indicator than on my little 10x22 lathe. I'll try to get a picture of it.
  14. DPittman

    Xyphota's bicycle related projects

    Nice work but I think you've got something on your face
  15. DPittman

    An introduction

    Welcome aboard matey
  16. DPittman

    What a beautiful Saturday to not be inside

    So how far out of Toronto do you have to go to get views like that?
  17. DPittman

    Other Sears Craftsman Garden Tractor

    Well it might say Sears on the hood but there will likely be many more brand names (MTD, Murray, Yard Man) that share the same parts.
  18. DPittman

    Chainsaw winch

    Anybody own or have experience with a chainsaw operated winch? There are of course a few commercial units available but I'm thinking I might enjoy making one myself utilizing an old chainsaw. I'm thinking a hand operated winch in the 1000-2000lb category with appropriate gearing to the...
  19. DPittman

    Repair a very old vertical drilling machine

    How can you NOT be an expert if you ran an automotive paint research facility????
  20. DPittman

    Hardinge HLV-H Lathe $10K North Saanich BC

    I only need, cash, space, 3ph, time and ability.
  21. DPittman

    Tips/Techniques threading issues on CX 706

    It's impressive that you could do even half a day of that at 70 years old. I know what sort of work that is and I'd be done in too. You should feel proud that you could do such.
  22. DPittman

    $70million Lotto Max

    Well with 70 million I'm sure if a member won they would surely want to buy every other member a new toy.
  23. DPittman

    Does this really look like it is preserving heritage at all?

    I've never been to Toronto but the likes of that is something I'd expect to see.
  24. DPittman

    Tina Turner, Another Icon Passes

    It was a bit of a shock to me to read that today, I had thought she died long ago. She could rock in a mini skirt like no one her age could.
  25. DPittman

    Steel lathe - $1300 - blackfalds

    I hope someone can enjoy the lathe at $1300 for what it is and not have to flip it.
  26. DPittman

    Lathe Gears, $75, Claresholm, AB

    Yes that's what I was thinking, there are/were granular herbicide applicators that used a gear box to change application rates and used gears that looked very similar to those.
  27. DPittman

    I don't like Mondays, but I really really hate post long weekend Tuesdays.

    I don't know about out there but here I think the reason is cuz business is too damn good. "They" don't HAVE to do business with me because there are 10 other guys lined up behind me willing to pay the exorbitant prices.
  28. DPittman

    what solvent is best for flushing hydraulic system

    I now have to go Google "dunning kruger" effect. Every time I visit this forum I come away a little bit smarter!:) All irony on purpose.