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  1. Johnwa

    Tool Cute Little Audio Frequency Oscilloscope

    It looks a lot more capable than the DSO150 that I have, cost about $25. Even it works for audio, RC servo signals but it doesn’t have all the functions your‘s does.
  2. Johnwa

    Compound needs a better degree dial

    I played with the AS5600 a bit trying to make a closed loop stepper. As far as accuracy it matched the microstep positions up to about 1000 steps/rev. After that there seemed to be a lot of differences, some were periodic while others look like noise. Then I read an article informing me that...
  3. Johnwa

    Lathe project

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/657697879607656/ its got a tailstock! But no headstock
  4. Johnwa

    Automation help

    Amazing ad showed up in my Facebook feed! They’re watching us...
  5. Johnwa

    Automation help

    The ESP32 will give you a cam and wifi. It can be programmed through the Arduino ide. Most of the arduino libraries work or have been adapted to work with it. This is a pretty helpful website. https://randomnerdtutorials.com/
  6. Johnwa

    Garvin No12 Plain Mill

    http://www.lathes.co.uk/garvinmillers/page2.html http://vintagemachinery.org/mfgindex/detail.aspx?id=1730&tab=3
  7. Johnwa

    Which lathe models that have D1-3 camlock spindles?

    A bit OT, I didn’t get this because they were out of stock. I did get 1.5x8 screw on one though. They are pretty reasonably if you’re south of the border. https://allindustrial.com/all-industrial-47912-threaded-back-plate-adapter-5-3-hole-d1-4-for-lathe-chucks/
  8. Johnwa

    New to me ZX45 milling machine

    My mill is a smaller version than yours. The oil drain on mine is underneath at the back of 5he head. On mine there is a fairly large rectangular recess in the casting so you have to get down low to see it.
  9. Johnwa

    Printing with nylon filament

    My extruder has been sketchy for a couple of years with areas where it was clearly under extruding. This week it got so bad my prints failed. The attached picture shows the ptfe tube. I print ABS at 230C. The ptfe is likely about 10 years old and has shrunk to the point cold filament won’t...
  10. Johnwa

    Shop fluorescent to LED strategy

    We installed one of the Costco flat panels in our laundry room. It’s rated for a few more lumens than a double tube 4’ flourescent. It was a PITA to install, as the mounting system was designed by either an idiot or a masochist.
  11. Johnwa

    flat copper traces on poly film and their connectors.

    Is it this style you’re looking for? https://www.mouser.ca/datasheet/2/185/BM46_Catalog_ed_BM46_CAT-2585895.pdf
  12. Johnwa

    Free drafting table, PTBO

    Cheap or free drafting tables show up in Calgary fairly regularly. I did pick up a machine for free a few years ago.
  13. Johnwa

    Tool Universal Bevel Protractor question.

    Knowing how competitive Grainger’s prices are that’s about right. Heres a pic of a vernier protractor I picked up off Amazon for about $30USD. It reads to 1/30 degree. Made in China but it seems reasonably accurate. It’s small enough I can use it to set the compound on my lathe.
  14. Johnwa

    Gear for threading dial

    Found this on thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4363850 Since the Boxford is a Southbend clone, I assume the lead screw is 8 tpi. The gear is not shaped like a worm gear but has angled teeth just like my Southbend dial.
  15. Johnwa

    D1-4 cams

    I’ve made my own studs as well. The cams would be much more difficult. Not only does the cam portion need to be offset, but the killer would be the square socket for the key.
  16. Johnwa

    D1-4 cams

    We’ve been renting Park Models in RV parks in the Mesa Arizona area. Not counting covid we’ve gone down the last 3 years for 3 months at a time. Once in the fall and the last 2 times for Jan-Mar. Weather wasn’t great this year as we were on the southern fringes of the storms that were hitting...
  17. Johnwa

    D1-4 cams

    I’ve marked in red where the cams are worn. One of them was worse than the other two. I could never adjust the studs to get it to lock in between 3&6 o’clock. At best it would lock in at about 7. With an unworn cam this would be past center. The new cams all lock at about 4 o’clock.
  18. Johnwa

    D1-4 cams

    Ever since I got my SM 1120, when locking the chuck in place at least one of the cam marks would go past the 6 o’clock mark. It turned out that the cams were worn and although they did tighten up it was always a concern. MSCDirect carries them for $36 each while Grizzly has them for under $10...
  19. Johnwa

    T nuts for compound

    I have a small t-slot table that I can fasten in place of the compound on my 9” Southbend. I’ve only used it to hold work. I’ve never thought of using it to hold a rear mounted toolpost.
  20. Johnwa

    New member bought a new to me Standard Modern lathe. Have a question about the model #

    It looks exactly like my 1120, including the stand and the unique metric thread dial.
  21. Johnwa

    Tool Tangential tool holders.

    That was my thought as well. A good welder with a good welder!
  22. Johnwa

    Tool Tangential tool holders.

    Nice job but I don’t see any welds!
  23. Johnwa

    9 inch South bend lathe

    I agree with @140mower , it’s not that difficult to pull the spindle. The multi grooved belts can be found at auto part stores.
  24. Johnwa

    Quick survey on Foundries

    I just hate taking a nice piece of 3” round and turning 70% of it into swarf. Depending on how precise your pattern is this can drop to 10% swarf. One of the more satisfying things is if you decide to change your design or screwed up when machining, you just remelt and start over.
  25. Johnwa

    Quick survey on Foundries

    I have a propane fired furnace for aluminum. I use green sand for moulds. I have done a few lost foam castings when I need something ”quick and dirt” or a rough billet that gets cut/machined later. It’s amazing the detail that you get, the individual beads of styrofoam and the scotch tape...
  26. Johnwa

    Can I use my 100A welder on 1/4” thick steel?

    Duty cycle is usually not an issue unless you’re burning rod after rod. In my case it’s likely no more than 2 rods and then a bunch of fit up and prep. This along with slag removal Is usually enough to let the welder cool down.
  27. Johnwa

    Southbend 9"C Lathe

    Based upon the apron it may be a 9B, which means it has power crossfeed and doesnt use the half nuts for longitudinal feed. It’s just a gearbox away from being a 9A.
  28. Johnwa

    Grizzly Lathe and Pallas Mill on Kijiji in Red Deer Area

    You can mill small stuff on a big mill but it’s usually impossible to mill large stuff on a small mill. On my small mill horsepower isn’t an issue but I would love to have way more table travel.
  29. Johnwa

    South Bend Basket Case - Kijiji - Nova Scotia

    The gearbox and reverse tumbler look a lot like the 11” on this page http://www.lathes.co.uk/southbend/page6.html
  30. Johnwa

    Cast iron weights from elevator shaft - AND then vehicle lug nut issues

    My daughter changed the rear pads and rotors on her car with a little supervision. I’m amazed she could torque up the wheel studs with the toothpicks she has for arms. I’m still a bit shocked by the whole thing.