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  1. Bofobo

    Tool box organization

    I used guitar strings and a computer power controller, i used the 12v system and found i could adjust the heat by moving the power contacts closer together, and as posted above the wire melts or in most my cases becomes brittle and fails under stress.
  2. Bofobo

    End Mill Reconditioning In Calgary

    We have a carbide sharpening shop in bowness (NW calgary) .... its an older gentleman and as i inderstand it, he does it for something to do. Shop local ;) Keeping in mind I've never been inside, I have no idea what his limitations are. That being said, perhaps its time I investigated
  3. Bofobo

    New Tool found on eBay

    I know of a carbide sharpening shop, i dont know his limits never been inside but its an old shop in bowness that is a labour of love for the gentleman who owns it. You may not find a website either but according to the article in the community newspaper its open still
  4. Bofobo

    Strange case of cheese US made drill

    when i cut 2” it was very very slow rpm and coolant, but also .250 cut on each side of the drill sounds like a lot to me. And one more thing! It looks to me, from what i remember of the one i used, like the point is to pointy for that size of drill. Please anyone correct me if im wrong
  5. Bofobo

    Looking at DRO for 6x26 knee mill - need advice

    Ebay search “3 axis dro kit” and expect to pay about $400 for a complete set all in. I love mine, no complaints. High priced ebay items come quickly .... mind your seller is still active as chinese newyear is a month long celebration
  6. Bofobo

    Tool box organization

    Cnc hydrojet looks interesting, i was building one once at work (didn't finish) ive used hot wire and foam (very crude apparatus) with pretty good results but very time consuming and no computers required (I could print a template i suppose) In commercial roofing we use huge wire foam cutters to...
  7. Bofobo

    Variable speed in reverse

    I just read through your manual, As the forward and reverse is a switch rather than the lever as with a smaller version (7x—- ) where an added gear 1:1 reverses the rotation. Before you try to reverse any power wires, inspect the motor. (if its brushed) make sure the brushes are directly...
  8. Bofobo

    Enco 8.6 lathe - mill combo

    That is quite the setup. Lots included, even a manual! Could be fun
  9. Bofobo

    Kijiji welder, better than nothing!

    Does your helmet have dials to adjust the darkness? I hate them (auto darkening) myself, and went old school with interchangable plates of slightly less shade (cringe worthy to some) i cut a 1/4” slot to see through at the top, no battery lag when they get weak, no batterys, last time i used...
  10. Bofobo

    Kijiji welder, better than nothing!

    I praise my decision for a fluxcore welder purchase, its a mig also but through careless operation i melted the gas line in the “gun’s” cord. Used for so many projects its paid for itself countless times. From a wood stove and 3 vehicle exhaust systems, to tool stands etc. Pay attention to the...
  11. Bofobo

    threading problems on Craftex lathe

    Does yoir unit have a threading dial?
  12. Bofobo

    Looking at DRO for 6x26 knee mill - need advice

    I have glass scale cheap ebay unit, $400 +/- was easy to work with, i ordered longer than needed scales and cyt to fit. I believe i have a thread showing it in “your projects” under “my mini machine upgrades”. I got a 3 axis because it has 3 axis and it allows for radius cuts.
  13. Bofobo

    7X12 Taper Attachment

    You could do it with the compound but it will take time. I never used a taper attachment on the 7x12, but if i had one i would have used it rather than try the compound way. Although i would say your concern of an unsupported end is warranted given the strength of the chuck and comparable size...
  14. Bofobo

    In the shop today

    And today i built this ..... It is a motor cycle wheel changing stand. It rotates on a used blazer front bearing, one blazer rim and one truck rim and stands 32” tall. A couple of “attachments” to come later are a bead breaker bar and a tire spreading mechanism for repair of holes (I learned how...
  15. Bofobo

    In the shop today

    Ive been so busy between doing my mini mill motor upgrade and work but i took some time to visit my old machine shop recently to make a modification to my sons dirtbike fork. I had to remove a small shoulder to fit a second oil seal under the snap ring, just a few shots of that ..... and though...
  16. Bofobo

    Over the top ball turning attachement

    I would think aluminum cutting fluid better than wd-40, in the shop we used silver diamond shaped inserts for aluminum that always left a beautiful finish. Had some time back there just yesterday fixing up a dual fork seal, by removing a shoulder.... Use some emery cloth to finish the surface...
  17. Bofobo

    Over the top ball turning attachement

    I want to relay an experience about turning a ball, it was in shop and he was turning a ball with cnc, now as he began to get close to a spherical shape the tool path set at a constant depth of cut had an acorn shape that under more power ended “violently” as it tried to follow the circle...
  18. Bofobo

    BB vs KBC drill bits

    Dont! Buy the PA $60 triple index! Its junk junk! Try for lower bit count and a little more money if anything because the cheapest is hammer and chisel mechanic grade o_O
  19. Bofobo

    BB vs KBC drill bits

    I only ever bought 2 drill sets, one from PA the other was a bulk mastercraft box thing, the mastercraft are far superior to the PA. But in the industry every drill bit except the tang ones for a tailstock are pretty well disposable. I learned how to sharpen them and once you have a good feel...