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  1. Johnwa

    Would you believe

    I’ve followed dabbler’s example and using socket head cap screws. They use a bigger Allen key.
  2. Johnwa

    Cutting Aluminum

    Plasma cutter?
  3. Johnwa

    Tool box organization

    I had something similar that I used to cut foam for lost foam casting. I used a battery charger and a guitar string. If I remember it ran at 2 or 3 amps. It worked ok but my freehand cutting abilities are pretty poor.
  4. Johnwa

    Tool box organization

    I’m pretty sure EVA foam floor mats are laserable. It’s closed cell foam and if you seal the edges it won’t be as absorbent. I googled this site And there seems to be quite a few sealing options. I’ve never used the foam and have no immediate plans to, but the new library at MRU has a laser...
  5. Johnwa

    Logan lathe Calgary kijiji

    https://www.kijiji.ca/v-power-tool/calgary/metalworking-lathe/1415875542?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true $250
  6. Johnwa

    Sand Muller (Frankenmuller)

    Kevin You should have told us about this sooner! Would you be interested in this drive.
  7. Johnwa

    Cutting Aluminum

    Use your hole saw to cut a hole in a piece of wood. Clamp the wood very securely to your aluminum and use hole to guide your saw.
  8. Johnwa

    Must have hand tools?

    Sand muller?! Pictures please.
  9. Johnwa

    threading problems on Craftex lathe

    A shot in the dark. When you are reversing are you using the electrical push buttons or the leadscrew reversing lever? It has to be the first method.
  10. Johnwa

    El-Cheapo tail stock to go with my indexer

    I think Kevin has the tailstocks mislabeled. The busybee one has the threaded spindle. I found this exploded diagram on Grizzly that show how it works https://cdn0.grizzly.com/partslists/t25937_pl.pdf
  11. Johnwa

    Tailstock and other stuff

    I’m printing a BXA sized holder today. The in progress picture shows what the interior looks like. I have it set for 25% infill. Near the corner of the dovetail is the hole for the height adjustment screw. You can’t just drill the hole later because of the less than solid infill. I’ve...
  12. Johnwa

    CNC 4th Axis

    I was motivated to do mine by this thread https://www.homemodelenginemachinist.com/threads/arduino-rotary-table-for-dummies.26744/ There are a few different builds in that thread. There are a few direct drives, some of which use geared steppers. I have a 4:1 belt drive on mine with a 400 oz-in...
  13. Johnwa

    Counterfeit Mitutoyo digital calipers

    We were in China last fall and picked up a couple of $5 Rolexes for the kids Xmas stockings. They weren’t impressed at all.
  14. Johnwa

    Tailstock and other stuff

    This is my no-spill, hard-to-tip-over cutting oil bottle. The copper pipe extends close to the bottom of the bottle so if it does tip over it doesn’t spill out the top.
  15. Johnwa

    Tailstock and other stuff

    This is my version of Janger’s indicator holder. I made it only one sided to speed up the print.
  16. Johnwa

    Tailstock and other stuff

    The garage is too cold to work in so I took a few pictures of some small”projects” I made this tailstock recently to go with my electronic spin index setup. It should also work with my rotary table if I put it on a raising block. I need to cut some slots in the sides of the base because the...
  17. Johnwa

    Group Sourcing Metal Ideas

    Samuel Wilkinson Steel 6125 - 51st Street SE Calgary, Alberta Protospace had a good group buy of aluminum from them. JohnW might know the details. I not interested in the group buy.
  18. Johnwa

    Lathe on Facebook marketplace

    Good to hear that someone on the forum got it. I think you got a really good deal!
  19. Johnwa

    Lathe on Facebook marketplace

    I think it’s gone already. It looked like a steal. I can’t seem to find any way to copy links on Facebook marketplace.
  20. Johnwa

    Lathe on Facebook marketplace

    Rexcut gearhead lathe in okotoks. .?x24, the swing is covered in the photos. $1000