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  1. Arbutus

    Good morning

    And hello from Abbotsford!
  2. Arbutus

    KBC Tools net 30 account offer

    Got that message from KBC. Business account but always paid by CC. Thats not gonna change.
  3. Arbutus

    Tool I Feel Old

    Yup - same one. Bought around 1980.
  4. Arbutus

    Metal working - dry / lubricants / coatings / cooling mist

    For working in tough materials such as phosphor bronze and some stainless, I've found Johnson's Baby Oil to be effective. Seems to work as well as kerosene but with a nice smell !
  5. Arbutus

    who has the best rotary broach plans

    These ones will probably be drill rod (oil hardening).
  6. Arbutus

    who has the best rotary broach plans

    Broaches are easy to make - you will need a spin index or similar on the mill and a means of grinding the relief on the back faces at about 3 degrees accurately. The end of the broach is hollow ground on a 3" wheel, or enough to provide some rake on the cutting edge. I use 4140 tempered at...
  7. Arbutus

    who has the best rotary broach plans

    I'm just finishing up a rotary broach. 1-1/2" outer dia, 1/2" shaft, 2mm-10mm x 50mm cutter, dual 6002 ball bearings and one 51102 thrust race. Similar to Hemmingway's version but larger. Fusion 360 model and drawings available if you're interested.
  8. Arbutus

    Tooling Demagnetizer

    Useful tool! I'll be making one too.
  9. Arbutus

    CA-BC Hunting for Fortal...

    Looks like US eBay is a source. Prices are nuts and the shipping prohibitive. Still looking for a Canadian source of 7075-T73 Fortal 1-2" rounds, 1/2 - 2" bar, 1/4" plate. Small pieces <36"
  10. Arbutus

    CA-BC Hunting for Fortal...

    Didn't think to look there. But no they only stock Alclad (the honeycomb cored bulkhead sheets). The hunt continues....
  11. Arbutus

    CA-BC Hunting for Fortal...

    Fortal (a zinc alloy derivative of 7075) is a high strength aluminum alloy used extensively in the aerospace industry. I'm looking for a source in Canada (BC preferably) who would stock small pieces of bar, sheet & rod. Offcuts from a scrap bin would work too. Metal Stupidmarkets is no help...
  12. Arbutus

    Tips/Techniques Use of boring bar - really basic question

    The rigidity of the boring bar plays a role here too. As the cutter starts to bite, the bar will deflect downwards, increasing the depth of cut. Therefore slightly raise the point of contact (2-5 thou) and ensure the cutting edge is really sharp. Cuts should be less than 5 thou on light...
  13. Arbutus

    EMCO MAXIMAT V10-P 10" LATHE, Calgary, $5500

    V10-P with the FB-2 milling head, and most accessories. Nice kit and a good price. Mine is still as accurate as the day I bought it 30 years ago. This would be an excellent machine for someone needing a lathe and a small mill in a small footprint.
  14. Arbutus

    Anyone have a 3D resin printer?

    Oh thats very tiny, even for a resin printer. You should know that the cured resin is quite soft and it fractures easily at stress concentration points such as the corners of a square hole and the roots of gear teeth. There may be more durable resins available than the 'ABS Like' and...
  15. Arbutus

    Greetings from the West Coast.

    And welcome to the forums from --- Abbotsford! Sounds like you have a fun project with that mill!
  16. Arbutus

    Titanium sheet for sale

    Nope, just whats listed. Boeing stopped selling their surplus about 10 years ago, but Titanium sheet, bar and rod cutoffs are available from TitaniumJoe.com
  17. Arbutus

    Micro brazing torch - any good?

    So it looks like $400+ for a Smith or Meco torch, $220 for a 20cf O2 tank, another $120 for regulators and $50 for the hose, tank fittings, etc. $800 rounded up. Good grief. Anyone have one lying around unused?.
  18. Arbutus

    Micro brazing torch - any good?

    Thanks for the feedback folks! MAPP doesnt work for the brazing I'm doing. My torch tip is more of a rosebud type so the hot spot is quite diffuse. But it is just not quite hot enough. A fine oxygas flame should do the job. Those little regulators run about $150! Suddenly that $80 torch isnt...
  19. Arbutus

    Micro brazing torch - any good?

    I'm looking for an inexpensive brazing outfit, for small silver soldering and brazing work. The oxy-gas systems at KMS are overkill and far over my budget when the gas bottles are figured in. Amaz*n offers this...
  20. Arbutus

    CNC Linear motion parts

    I have some surplus parts for CNC builds. All are new, unused and top quality. Located in Abbotsford. Can ship Purolator or pickup. Linear rails: 2 pieces 700mm long 12mm dia with six linear bearings ($80 pair) Ball screws: C3 Grade 8 pieces 600mm long 16mm dia. 8 Ballscrew nuts. 8 nut...
  21. Arbutus

    EMCO V10(P) Universal Quadrant and Gear Set, Edmonton, $1000

    If that was the metric banjo I'd snap it up. Is there anyone else with a V10-P on this site? I have a few spare changewheels and other parts available. Looking for a tailstock, EMCO T-nuts (8mm), and other stuff. Don
  22. Arbutus

    [ATTACH] Some days......

    Some days......
  23. Arbutus

    Shipping from USA to Canada - Rant

    The product is made by this outfit:
  24. Arbutus

    Shipping from USA to Canada - Rant

    Yep - thats a very nice, solidly built vice. Overall it's over 4-1/2 high with the swivel base. Take that off and it becomes useful on a small mill.
  25. Arbutus

    Cycloidal drive design & testing

    Thats a valid point. The pressures are significant.
  26. Arbutus

    Cycloidal drive design & testing

    Yep, the contact pins are steel 3x10mm that sit in a 3mm hole in the casing. They are not fixed in place and could rotate. There is some slop in the hole (drilled 3.00 and pins 3.00) but the slop seems to come from the elasticity of the material when under pressure, not hole tolerance. I'm...
  27. Arbutus

    Keyway broach bushing slop?

    I have a several sets of Dumont broaches. The bushings and broach fit with 0.002" clearance. No slop at all. I would send that set back to Aliexpress.
  28. Arbutus

    Cycloidal drive design & testing

    A cycloidal drive is a type of high reduction gearing used where compactness, high ratio and zero backlash are needed. These are used extensively in robotics systems such as manipulator arms, indexing devices and precision tables. I have been working on a design to fit small stepper motors -...
  29. Arbutus

    Titanium sheet for sale

    I have a collection of MIL-spec titanium sheet for sale (ex Boeing) MIL-T-9046J as marked. 0.071" 36"x20" $540 0.071" 22"x19" $313 0.032" 21"x20" $135 0.032" 36"x7" $80 0.025" 36"x 9" $100 0.025" 16"x15" #135 prices negotiable if you're interested in more than one piece. Located in...