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  1. YotaBota

    Small arbour press - $50 Victoria

    FB says sold, just like the rest of your stuff that didn't take long. lol
  2. YotaBota

    3D Scanning large Boats

  3. YotaBota

    I'm open to comments/advice or even sabotage efforts. Lathe move tomorrow

    Wahoo, congrats on a successful move. Now to get it plugged in and making chips.
  4. YotaBota

    Shop Adding 240V circuit to detached garage that already has 120V circuit?

    So you're okay with welding, OA, propane tanks and gas cans in your garage? Maybe throw in grinding some magnesium just for kicks. You're more likely to start a fire by grinding, welding or OA cutting than charging a car. @Xyphota - the advise referencing electrical connections is all good. If...
  5. YotaBota

    Bridgeport Series 1 GCSurplus Victoria

    Thank you sir, not being BP proficient I wasn't sure and agree with the attachments. To bad the lathe they're selling doesn't have all the attachments.
  6. YotaBota

    Bridgeport Series 1 GCSurplus Victoria

    Starting bid at $3k. Is the table stop rod factory of an addition due to the scales? https://www.gcsurplus.ca/mn-eng.cfm?snc=wfsav&sc=enc-bid&scn=445866&lcn=595987&lct=L&srchtype=&lci=&str=1&lotnf=1&frmsr=1&sf=ferm-clos&saleType=A
  7. YotaBota

    New guy from the Cowicahan Valley on Vancouver Island

    Oh, and I believe you'll need to do about 3 written posts before being allowed to post pictures. Edit - https://canadianhobbymetalworkers.com/threads/how-to-upload-images-to-your-post.160/
  8. YotaBota

    New guy from the Cowicahan Valley on Vancouver Island

    Morning, posting pictures can be done using "attach files" or there is a picture icon to the left of the smiley face. I use 800x600ish for resolution but I'm not sure what the max resolution is, a mod would need to chime in with that one. I'll have a look online at HMS for the beam engine, might...
  9. YotaBota

    New guy from the Cowicahan Valley on Vancouver Island

    Welcome from the mighty metropolis of Sooke, you've had quite the adventures. I was the hired help moving the combo machine the other day and all went well coming home. You'll need to show pictures of the steam engines you built, I'm totally enamored with the beam engine, that is a beauty. There...
  10. YotaBota

    Cowichan Valley Vancouver Island - Craftex B2229 Combination Mill & Lathe $2200.00

    I had the "Sketchy Sh_t" song in my head at one point but we gotta away with it. LOL It was a good afternoon, your very welcome. I would like to have got the make and model of the two steam engines he built. The beam engine is a thing of beauty.
  11. YotaBota

    LATHE / MILL COMBO, Sooke, BC, $6000

    @JustaDB - nope, I have my lathe and mill.:) He's the owner of the local welding shop and the machines are kept under a tarp. I never had a good look at the machines but if anyone is interested I will go have a closer look. Shawn restores old cars and equipment so I don't believe they would be...
  12. YotaBota

    Darren's active projects

    Gender non-specific Cave?lol
  13. YotaBota

    Intro to welding course?

    When I started welding back in the late 70's, the local community college had a drop in program that I think was about $5 and hour including supplies and instructor. Wouldn't even try to guess what that would be in today's $.
  14. YotaBota

    Intro to welding course?

    Do you know if they do any "pay as you go" welding courses?
  15. YotaBota

    Welding extension cord recommendations

    Waterproof shorts. LOL
  16. YotaBota

    Intro to welding course?

    @curmudgeon - was that at Camosun?
  17. YotaBota

    DavidR8's shop shenanigans

    Did you get a pic of the loading?
  18. YotaBota

    Colchester 2ooo Engine Lathe $1,500 Southampton Ont.

    You heathen! I like it. lol
  19. YotaBota

    Tool I Feel Old

    Just checked mine, Craftsman clicker type from the late 70's and one language - one language only. Edit - and still in the box.
  20. YotaBota

    Wanted - Stuart 10V Reverse Gear Drawings

    If anyone has this drawing and wouldn't mind sending me a copy it would be much appreciated. The kit from Stuart is about $100 but I'd like to see if I can do it from scratch. Thanks
  21. YotaBota

    Colchester 2ooo Engine Lathe $1,500 Southampton Ont.

    I vote TB for president of the SPCMTA! Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Machine Tools Association.
  22. YotaBota

    Where to buy milling machine in Saskatchewan

    Is that "Mmmmm" as in Homer looking at a beer or "Mmmm" as in "I'm thinking about it"?
  23. YotaBota

    windsor, ontario

    Another west coast welcome, agree with all the comments the engines are beautiful. There are a few of use working on steam engines, most not as involved as the ones you have pictured but you have to start somewhere.
  24. YotaBota

    Colchester 2ooo Engine Lathe $1,500 Southampton Ont.

    Looks like a parts machine for the parts machine in Victoria.
  25. YotaBota

    DavidR8's shop shenanigans

    Are you keeping the dividing plates with the spindexer?
  26. YotaBota

    Where to buy milling machine in Saskatchewan

    Don't know your requirements or budget but this is the new version of the mill I have. https://www.kbctools.ca/products/search/vm-22-r8 So far it's done everything I need and the belts aren't that big a deal. If they become an issue I'll buy a VFD and 3ph motor for it. In 3 years mine is the...
  27. YotaBota

    Tool Tooling up a milling machine

    I bought my 4" Kurt from Thomas Skinner last year (July) for $900 delivered which is less than buying new from Kurt stateside.
  28. YotaBota

    Tool Tooling up a milling machine

    try Home Depot for parallels and 123 blocks, Walmart online sells insert tooling as well.
  29. YotaBota

    Cast thumbscrew permanent mold

    Would it work to drill a small hole at an angle from the center of the bolt head thru to the side of the bolt shoulder? That would give the air a path to escape.